Our Businesses

Origin Enterprises plc is a focused Agri-Services Group.


Integrated Agronomy Services


Agrii, is the leading provider of specialist agronomy services directly to arable, fruit and vegetable growers in the UK.

Dalgety Agra Polska

Dalgety Agra Polska is a provider of specialist agronomy services directly to arable and grassland farm enterprises in Poland.


Agroscope provides agronomy services, high specification inputs, and advisory support in Ukraine.



Goulding supply a wide range of specifically blended fertilisers to the Irish market.

Origin UK

Origin Fertilisers (UK) Limited is engaged in the blending and distribution of agricultural fertiliser products in the UK.

PB Kent

PB Kent provides expertise in the development, formulation, manufacture, packaging & delivery of specialist fertilisers and horticultural products.

Rigby Taylor

Rigby Taylor, based in the United Kingdom, is a leading service provider supplying advice and technical product solutions to the professional sports turf, landscape and amenity sectors.

Origin Northern Ireland

Origin Northern Ireland Limited is a leading wholesaler of agricultural products to the Northern Ireland trade.

Associates and Joint Venture

Animal Feed

R&H Hall

R&H Hall is Ireland's leading importer and supplier of raw material ingredients to the Irish animal feed manufacturing and flour milling industry.


Valeo Foods

Valeo Foods is a leading Irish food company with an excellent portfolio of iconic Irish consumer brands such as Jacobs, Fruitfield, Rowse, Shamrock, Odlums, Roma, Batchelors, Squeez, Erin and Lustre.